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The Bikur Cholim House and offices -North York

The Bikur Cholim House, donated לעלוי נשמות ר' דוד לוי בן ר' אברהם ר' שמעון בן הרה'ג ר' קלונימוס רחמה חי' בת ר' אהרן ריזל בת ר' יוסף יהודה Located south of the Bathurst/Lawrence intersection, the building houses three fully contained apartments for the use of out-of-town patients in Toronto for medical care.

The Shaya and Rita Braun Z”L Accessible Apartment - North York

Located on the ground floor of the Bikur Cholim House, this apartment was is dedicated לע"נ ר' ישעי' בן ר' שמחה הלוי ע"ה ומרת רבקה בת שלום ע"ה by their family.

downtown accommodations

The Bikur Cholim Maidy & Lipman Heller Apartment, donated by the Heller, Jacobs, Salamon and Brenig families לע"נ ר' יום טוב ליפמאן בן ר' משולם פייביש הלוי ז"ל ומרת פינקל בת ר' שמעיהו ז"ל, is located in downtown Toronto, close to Mt. Sinai Hospital, Toronto General Hospital and Sick Childrens’ Hospital. The Anshei Minsk Shul is located nearby at 10 St. Andrew Street, just off Spadina Avenue, about a twenty minute walk.

Sunnybrook Accommodations

The new, beautifully-decorated townhouse, located directly across the street from the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, has been generously donated by the Eisenberger, Gunsburg, Jakubovic and Kohn families לע"נ ר' שלמה יהודה בן ר' משה הכה ע"ה, מרת בלימה רבקה איידל בת ר' דניאל ע"ה, ור' מנחם צבי בן ר' חיים יהושע ע"ה

North York general hospital accommodations

The Mandelbaum Bikur Cholim Apartment at North York General Hospital, donated and tastefully furnished לע"נ מרת קיילא פייגא בת ר׳ אהרן ז"ל Mrs. Kaila Mandelbaum, by her husband and her children, families Bartfeld, Rotenberg, and Mandelbaum.

The Anhang Bikur Cholim Home at Humber River Hospital

The new, beautifully-appointed Anhang Bikur Cholim Home is located directly across the street from the newHumber River Hospital. This two-story home has been generously donated by the Koschitzky family. The men’s floor is dedicated in memory of Jonathan and Ethan Lax, z’l and the women’s floor is dedicated in memory of Tanielle Rotenberg Miller z’l. May this home be a place of comfort and refuge to those who use it.


Toronto General Hospital

5 minute

Walk from Maidy & Lipman Heller Apt.


Mount Sinai Hospital

5 minute

Walk from Maidy & Lipman Heller Apt.


Hospital for Sick Children

5 minute

Walk from Maidy & Lipman Heller Apt.


Toronto Rehab

5 minute

Walk from Maidy & Lipman Heller Apt.


Women's College Hospital

10 minute

Walk from Maidy & Lipman Heller Apt.


St. Michael's Hospital

20 minute

Walk from Maidy & Lipman Heller Apt.


Toronto Western Hospital

25 minute

Walk from Maidy & Lipman Heller Apt.


Holland Orthopaedic & Arthritic Centre​

25 minute

Walk from Maidy & Lipman Heller Apt.


North York General

10 minute

Walk from Mandelbaum Bikur Cholim Apt.


Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

5 minute

Walk from Sunnybrook Respite Home


Humber River Hospital

4 minute

Walk fromThe Anhang Bikur Cholim




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