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Helping. Healing. Caring.

For centuries, Bikur Cholim organizations have been an essential component of Jewish community life. While visiting the sick has always been at the core of these organizations, their activities were generally expanded to accomplish the shared goal of alleviating the suffering of others.

The heart and soul of Bikur Cholim of Toronto is its dedicated team of more than seven hundred remarkable, selfless volunteers. For more than seventy years, it has served as the conduit for countless, compassionate deeds.

Bikur Cholim of Toronto is proud to be a part of the international Bikur Cholim movement. It remains committed to faithfully serving the Toronto community with care, compassion, and generosity, while upholding timeless Jewish traditions and values.

A C.R.A Registered Charity (133048645RR0001)

services we provide

Halachic power of attorney

To protect patients who are in a grave state and unable to communicate their wishes or values, Rabbonim have prepared a “Halachic Power of Attorney.” This document, designed specifically for patients in Canada, empowers individuals to make their wishes known in advance, and ensures that their wishes will be respected, regardless of their ability to communicate.


Bikur Cholim is committed to preventing and alleviating the potential isolation and loneliness of hospital stays. Our trained volunteer force regularly supports hospital patients from admission to discharge and beyond.


Every day, approximately fifty meals, catering to specific requests and dietary needs, are prepared in Yenta’s Kitchen. Dedicated volunteers deliver these C.O.R certified meals to hospitals and homes. The wholesome meals, conveying caring and compassion, are a highlight of the day to those receiving them.

Kosher pantries

Bikur Cholim maintains kosher pantries in most of the local hospitals. Non-perishable food items and provisions to help patients and family members in the hospital over Shabbos, are available around the clock. For pantry locations, Download Directions and Maps.

Family in crisis

If you or someone you know is experiencing a family or medical crisis, please call our office at 416-783-7983.

Dial a ride

Bikur Cholim’s Dial-a-Ride’s Service provides transportation to and from medical appointments. In addition to our volunteer drivers, a wheelchair-accessible bus enables patients to be comfortably transported to and from medical appointments. The bus has been generously donated in memory of Mrs. Lily Gartner a”h, ,לאה בת אברהם ע"ה by the Sigler, Jacobowitz and Seidenfeld families.


Accomodations near hospitals are available for family members wishing to be near their loved ones or for patients who need to receive treatment over Shabbos.

Yom Tov programs

Bikur Cholim ensures that members of the community will have a true Yom Tov experience. From beautiful Seder Plates for Pessach to custom made, hospital-safe menorahs for Chanukah, Bikur Cholim keeps these special days a source of joy for hospitalized and homebound patients.

Senior services

Bikur Cholim supports seniors and connects them to the Jewish community. Our activities on behalf of seniors include cooking and delivering home-made meals, friendly visitation, and weekly programming. Click here for more information.

Medical equipment

Bikur Cholim maintains a gemach for free lending of medical equipment. Our inventory includes wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, bathroom equipment, and more.

International Bikur Cholim around the world



506 Coldstream Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
M6B 2K6
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Refua V'chesed
Medical clinics, rides, emergency transport, fridge locations in local hospitals


Ezras Cholim
Medical resources & advice, apartments, hospital transfers


Donald Berman Bikur Cholim of Montreal
Meals to hospitals and rehab, Respite care, rides to hospitals


Bikur Cholim in LA
Bikur Cholim house, Crisis intervention, Food to hospitals, medical referrals


Lev Miriam Bikur Cholim of Cleveland
Bikur cholim Houses, hospitality rooms, visitation, kosher hot meals, medical equipment, transportation, emergency child care


CHOP (Children’s hospital of Philadelphia)
Chai Lifeline of Lakewood provides any assistance needed for families with children in CHOP


Rochester, Minnesota
The Mayo Clinic
Chabad of Southern Minnesota
Chaplain: Rabbi David Greene


Lev Rochel Bikur Cholim of Lakewood
Hospitality, food, community services, medical equipment, transportation, advocacy


Satmar Bikur Cholim
Medical guide click here, all info needed for NYC and upstate


Bikur Cholim of Miami Beach
Provides services to Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Jewish Home and Hospital for the Aged. and will give contact information for other hospitals as needed.
Help family members with accommodations and food.
Provides volunteers to visit patients, rides to the hospital and appointments, and will try to help with financial assistance is needed.
They also have a Gmach for Medical equipment to lend out.


Houston, Texas
Aishel House
Transportation, warm meals, accommodations, Child care assistance and counseling


Rofeh International
Social services, Respite care, housing, medical referrals, meals, transportation


Pualo Alto
Helps patients coming in to Paulo Alto
Rabbi Levin


Sephardic Bikur Cholim Congregation
Neese Azose


Rochester, NY
Chabad of Rochester
Rabbi Nechemia Vogel


Zissy Kohn

718 208 4314
011 55 11 3315 9093

Kosher meals to Hospitals
President: Noemi Van Gelder


Bikur Cholim Zurich
visitation, translation, general assistance, food, moral assistance
Barry Waisbrod

011 41 78 744 5513

Rabbi Teichtal

011 49 30 2128 0830

Rita Gluck

011 32 489 511 825
011 32 3 233 34 35

Bikur Cholim D’Satmar
Family support, Hospital services, Meal Services

011 44 20 8800 7575

Ezra Umarpe
Medical equipment, respite room in hospitals, patient transport
London Office:

011 44 20 8211 7999

Tomchei Cholim of London
Rabbi Gluck

011 44 20 8800 3322

Shabbat walk:
Hospital Visitation and overnight shifts

011 44 750 675 0023

Ezra Umarpe
Founded by Rabbi Firer, Provides multiple services


Ezer Mizion
Provides a multiple range of services


Chaim V’chesed
Organization run by Americans. Provides a wide range of services to Americans.
They have a Medical Dept. which provides guidance and support to those struggling due to the language and culture barrier. They explain how the Israeli Medical System operates and will help guide you how to sign up for medical insurance, and then help with any issues that may come up.
They have representatives in the Jerusalem hospitals who can assist by explaining and advocating when necessary. Emotional support is given and greatly appreciated.
They do not give medical referrals, however they do have medical Askanim who they can send you to.

072-CHESSED (243-7733)

Bais Rafael
Transport, accommodations and Shabbos Packages

+61421 408 522
Shabbos line: +61421 327 859

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